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Michael Bérubé - Life As Jamie Knows It

Michael Bérubé - Life As Jamie Knows It

Michael Bérubé - Life As Jamie Knows It

Michael Bérubé - Life As Jamie Knows It

Sat, Mar 25, 2017, 10:00am
  • Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Carnegie Mellon University
  • Harris Theater
  • Free with purchase of a Festival Pass
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This event is supported by the Institute for the Arts and Humanities, Penn State University

Michael Bérubé will read from and discuss his new book, Life as Jamie Knows It, a sequel to Life as We Know It, which introduced Jamie Bérubé to the world as a sweet, bright, gregarious little boy who loves the Beatles, pizza, and making lists. At four, he is like many kids his age, but his Down syndrome prevents most people from seeing him as anything but disabled. Twenty years later, Jamie is no longer little, though he still jams to the Beatles, eats pizza, and makes endless lists of everything. In Life as Jamie Knows It, Michael Bérubé chronicles his son’s journey to adulthood and his growing curiosity and engagement with the world.



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