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Pittsburgh’s Cultural District is one of the safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, a city among the safest metropolitan areas in our nation. The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust takes your safety very seriously. We have implemented additional measures and upgraded our security systems to help in our health efforts. All we do is to assure your comfort, protection, and safety in our venues, galleries, facilities, and event spaces.

The most critical issue to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is always the safety of our stakeholders; guests, staff, volunteers, and artists. Our policies are meant to preserve that commitment to security.

These security practices are in effect at the following theaters:

  • Benedum Center for the Performing Arts
  • Byham Theater
  • Greer Cabaret Theater
  • Liberty Magic
  • O'Reilly Theater
  • Harris Theater

And visual arts galleries:

  • Wood Street Galleries
  • 707 Penn Gallery
  • 820 Liberty Gallery
  • 937 Gallery

Security Screening

Prior to entry, all guests and permissible items may be subject to a physical screening and inspection. The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust has updated all screening technology to EVOLV systems, which most notably provides comprehensive, contactless screening machines. Guests can seamlessly walk through with their bags, coats, and permissible items. Prohibited items discovered during our screening process will not be allowed inside of the theater or arts venue; a full list of prohibited items can be found above.

By presenting your ticket and entering our venue, you consent to such screenings. Refusal of screening may result in denied entry. These protection measures have been put in place to ensure that each performance or experience is occurring in the safest environment possible for our guests.

Prohibited Items

The following is a list of outside items which are prohibited inside of venues owned and/or operated by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust:

  • Weapons of any kind or facsimiles of weapons, including firearms, pellet guns, stun guns, martial arts weapons, pepper spray, pocket/utility knives or cutting instruments
  • Illegal drugs or substances
  • Flammable liquids
  • Fireworks, pyrotechnics, flares or incendiary devices
  • Glass, metal, or plastic containers of any kind including cans, bottles and flasks
  • Outside food or beverages including alcohol
  • Oversized bags that exceed 16” x 16” x 8”
  • Interchangeable/detachable camera lens (No professional photography-unless authorized)
  • Audio/visual recording devices
  • 2 way radios
  • Laser pointers
  • Laptops (tablets are permitted)
  • Beach balls, projectiles, balloons, permanent markers, spray paint
  • Drones
  • Flashlights
  • Signs, flags, banners
  • Selfie sticks
  • Guests without shoes or shirts
  • Masks which cover the full face
  • Face paints
  • Optical illusions
  • Jewelry that could be used as a weapon including chains and studded bracelets
  • Pets, other than service animals
  • Segways, skateboards, rollerblades, hoverboards, bicycles, helmets, any type of portable seat, other than those approved and required for accessibility
  • Noisemakers, bullhorns, or air horns
  • Unapproved pamphlets, handouts, advertisements
  • Unattended items left outside venue doors will be discarded to ensure guest safety.

* This list is not all-inclusive and may change or be updated at any time without notice. Additional restrictions may apply.

Guest Code of Conduct

In addition to asking guests to keep themselves and others healthy by following our entry requirements, the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is committed to providing you a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable entertainment experience. Guests have a right to expect an environment where everyone can and will:

  • Be treated in a consistent, professional, and courteous manner by all theater personnel.
  • Feel comfortable reporting inappropriate behavior to an usher, house manager, or security officer.
  • Comply with requests from venue staff and security regarding facility operations and emergency response procedures.
  • Sit only in their ticketed seats and show their tickets when requested.
  • Consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner and in compliance with law.
  • Not interfere with the event or performers in any way.
  • Not smoke or use tobacco-related products anywhere inside the theater at any time.
  • Not attempt to re-enter the venue without a ticket or appropriate credential.
  • Wear a shirt, shoes, and lower garments at all times.

Guests who engage in fighting, throwing objects, using foul/abusive language or gestures, attempting to enter restricted areas, or any other behavior deemed detrimental to the experience of other guests will be immediately ejected from the venue and may be subject to police action for these violations.

Your ticket is a revocable license exclusively valid for the event listed on the ticket and is subject to the full terms and conditions found here and terms located on ticket backs. Theater management reserves the right to revoke this license without refund for non-compliance with any Pittsburgh Cultural Trust terms and policies. Theater staff may intervene where necessary to ensure that the above expectations are met, and guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest usher, security guard, or staff member. Guests who choose not to adhere to these provisions may be subject to ejection without refund and, to the extent their conduct constitutes a violation of law, may be subject to arrest and prosecution.


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