Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Trust Gallery Crawl Event

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust values diversity and inclusion as an organization, as an employer and as host to performers, artists and audiences from around the world. The Trust is deeply committed to providing diverse, high-quality programming and meaningful experiences that engage and enrich the community, expanding an appreciation for and knowledge base of other people, cultures, values and perspectives.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to the composition of the Board of Trustees, each of our advisory boards and committees, our employees and volunteers, as well as Trust programs and presentations. One of our highest priorities is to assure the greatest level of diversity in all areas including, but not limited to, gender, ethnicity, age, ability and sexual orientation.

The Board of Trustees and senior management will strive to incorporate and protect the values of diversity and inclusion in the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Strategic Plan, organizational policies and management decisions. 

Through the Trust’s mission-driven work to further the economic development of the city of Pittsburgh and to enhance the quality of life for the region, the integration of these values aims to create and sustain a diverse environment and artistic community, which is necessary for our region to connect and engage on a national level, as well as with the global community.