Mobile Ticket FAQ

Mobile Tickets are the most convenient and secure way of receiving your tickets. No more tickets lost in the mail or waiting in will-call lines for tickets. Get to the venue, present your Mobile Ticket and enjoy the show.


When will I receive tickets?

Approximately, 5 to 6 hours prior to performance you will receive a text message sent to the mobile phone number on your account with a link to your tickets.

How will I receive tickets?

You will receive a text message sent to the mobile phone number on your account with a link to your tickets. Clicking the link will open a browser on your mobile phone and display your tickets. You can add them to mobile wallet, share them via text to another person, or display them on your phone for entry to the venue. 

We encourage you to load and view each ticket QR code and add them to your digital wallet before arriving to the venue for your event. This ensures that you can quickly access your tickets regardless of wifi or cellular service. 

I do not have a smartphone and I chose Mobile Tickets. What do I do?

Mobile tickets requires you to have a smartphone so you can display your tickets for scanning upon entry to the venue. If you do not have a smartphone and need to change the delivery method of your tickets, please contact Guest Services at (412) 456-6666.

Do I need to download an app to access my mobile tickets?

No, the mobile ticket link will open a browser and display your entry tickets.

Can I print my mobile tickets and bring them with me to the performance?

No, do not print your mobile tickets. The technology requires it to be viewed live on a screen so that it can be scanned; screenshots or printouts will not be accepted at entry.

How does mobile ticket sharing work?

With mobile ticket sharing you can easily share tickets among your party. Click the link in your text message and once opened in your browser, click the ‘Share’ button below the QR code to text the ticket to your guest.

Can I share mobile tickets that had been shared with me?

No, only the ticket owner can share the ticket. 

My mobile ticket text did not come within the time frame. What do I do?

Contact Guest Services at (412) 456-6666 or visit the venue Box Office for assistance.

Someone else will be using the mobile ticket I purchased. Do I need to change the name on my order?

A name change request is only required for physical tickets being picked up at the Box Office so we are able to verify ownership with ID. Once your mobile ticket arrives via text, all you need to do is share it with whomever will be attending the show. Please note, order changes including name, delivery method, or lost ticket replacement may only be requested by the original purchaser.