What is a group?

For most shows 10 or more seats makes you a group ticket buyer with all the ‘group’ benefits. Some performances may require 15 or 20 or more people. Please check the individual performance webpage for the official group minimum for that performance.

Am I guaranteed the seats that I request once I submit a reservation form?

Unfortunately the answer is No. However, the requests are emailed to us directly and we do try to respond to your request in timely manner during normal business hours (Mon-Fri). We do process these requests in order that they are received. We do try to accommodate everyone’s request but sometimes there are better seats and prices on different days. You may receive a better deal on tickets if you are able to switch performances. The fastest way to place an order for group tickets is through the group sales reservation form especially for shows that are not on sale to the public yet. However, once tickets are on sale to the general public, most shows offer the basic group sales rate online. To order tickets online, select your desired show and select “Get Tickets”. After choosing a date to attend first, select the “Need more than 10 tickets?’ link underneath the date that you selected. Once you have done this, group sales pricing, if available will be applied to the prices shown.

Do we need to sit together or in a block?

Some people may want to spend more or less than others. Therefore, you do not need to purchase your tickets all in the same price level. You just need to attend the same performance. If you want everyone in your group to sit together, we can do that as well. The earlier you order your tickets before they go on sale to the general public, the better chance you have of this happening. Once tickets go on sale to the general public, we will give you the best available seats we have at the time.

How do I pay?

One form of payment per order. We do not accept individual payments from the people in your group. We accept checks (personal, company, cashiers, money order) and we’ll gladly take Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. We do not accept checks within two weeks of a performance or purchase orders as a form of payment.

When do I have to pay?

This depends on the series, show and the time you place your order.

Some shows ask for a non-refundable deposit within 10 business days of seating confirmation and a final payment 30 business days before the show. Other shows, the earlier you book, the more flexible the terms. Those who order close to their desired performance date will have to pay soon after their confirmation if not on that day. There are exceptions to every rule and payments may also be dictated to us by company management and therefore the above payment schedule will not apply. Payment schedules will be determined when you place your order.

May I hold seating without payment or add seats to my order once final payment is made?

Since there is no obligation, it is to your advantage to estimate high and reduce your numbers when it is time to pay. As long as you purchase the group ticket minimum for your show, you will receive the group buyer benefits. If you estimate low and call to add more, the seats you want may no longer be available.

How do I know where my seats are?

For most shows, we will confirm your seats right away over the phone. For others, it may take longer depending on the subscription series of that brand. We also begin to take orders for shows once the season is announced, whether or not we can assign seats to your group. You can place a request for desired location, though it is not guaranteed.

What about children or student tickets?

Regardless of age, all patrons must have a ticket. Unless an event is designated for younger audiences, children under the age of 3 will not be admitted to theaters in the Cultural District. Children under the age of 12 will not be admitted to Liberty Magic. All children must be seated with an adult.  Please ask when ordering your tickets if this rule applies to your show of interest. Sometimes there are special prices for students, scouts and children. Each show is different so it never hurts to ask if a price break exists.

What if a member of my group loses their tickets?

Everyone needs a ticket to enter the theater. Please keep track of the seat locations of each member of your group. Should any of your tickets become lost, damaged or stolen, we can reprint tickets for an additional fee. We can only reprint tickets if we have the correct seat locations. The Group Sales department can provide you with a form to easily track if needed.

What security procedures will my group need to be aware of before attending?

As the group leader, you are responsible for informing all the members of your group of the current security information in advance of attendance. For a complete list of security procedures and prohibited items please visit our Security page.

Is the theater ADA accessible?

ADA accessible information varies from venue to venue and some arrangements for the accessible amenities many need to be made in advance of the performance. For a listing of accessible amenities, please visit our Accessibility page.

Where can we eat?

There are several restaurants in the Cultural District for you to have night out. Please visit our Dining Guide for a listing of restaurants in the district. Please contact the restaurant of interest for pricing and menu variations.

Where do I park?

Guests that are coming by car may purchase guaranteed parking at the Theater Square Garage or Sixth & Penn Garage for additional cost per parking voucher. Please ask for guaranteed parking when making your reservation. For our guests traveling by motorcoach or school bus, please see these bus tips for helpful parking hints.

What resources/packages/events do you offer to enhance our group experience?

For more general information on the Trust and our venues please visit the Ticketing FAQ page